Should This Be The AJ VIII ???


At one point in time when images of the Air Jordan VIII ‘Take Flight’ were leaked, we were all convinced that the sneaker was the next installment of the UNDFTD x Jordan Brand collaborations to hit the street. A lot of us thought the kicks weren’t up to par to the ‘UNDFTD’ standard and the Jumpman was quick to shut down any rumors surrounding of the kicks association with the Los Angeles based boutique. Now that the kicks have been officially been dubbed the ‘Take Flight’ AJ VIII a lot of sneakerheads still have been critical of the kicks saying that the sneaker lacked contrast. So the sneaker customizing great, Mache, took things into his own hands and curated his very own version of the Air Jordan VIII ‘Take Flight’ which includes a white graphic mudguard and white midsole providing the kicks with much needed balance. He took to his Instagram account and had the following to say about his version of the kicks:

“I remember when word hit this supposed “UNDFTD” jordan VIII was coming out everyone was all hyped for it. I remember a photoshop rendering getting around the internet and and got us even more excited about what they’d look like. Then the actual shoe surfaced, called the “Take Flight”. The consensus seemed to be in agreement that they were very dope but some still wanted something closer to that photoshop. A little more contrast, more orange, and add some white. So I decided to do just that. Small tweaks, big difference. #customsthatdontlookcustom #complexkicks#angelusdirect #jordan”

Do you guys prefer his version of the Air Jordan VIII ‘Take Flight’ or the original version of the AJ VIII ‘Take Flight’? Let us know in the comments.

Should This Be The AJ VIII ???

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