New Artists Colonny Ready To Take On The World



Armed with a strong desire and passion for the musical arts and an infinite potential.
After Being Inspired by many genres of music , Colonny Started to write songs
at the age of 14 . He quickly then realized through humming melodies of ideas
that would come into his head that he could carry a tune that
was pleasing to the ears. He started mimicking the beats
of rap stars like Eminem, 2PAC, Dr Dre. He would
play these beat with a pencil . pen or piece of
stick on an old wooden school desk. During school
hours his peers would gather around to hear his
witty lines and harmonic melodies.

By the time he was in 2nd form his teachers quickly
realized he had a talent for the arts through
school projects and skits he was asked to organize.
They recommended him for afternoon music lessons.

By this time he had developed other passions such as travel,business etc.
He skipped the music lessons and went straight into business planning, architecture
and computer science. By the time he was 16 he had attempted to start
his own business and manage his yet to be musical career. Though he failed at
both due to lack of funding , he learned valuable lessons that would take him through life
Such as “the business and music walks hand in hand”. He saw how closely related
these where and concocted a plan.

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New Artists Colonny Ready To Take On The World

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