G Maffiah – The Star Interview


London-based recording artiste G Maffiah has high hopes that his newest single, ‘ We Dem Like’, will help him make his name on the dancehall scene.

The single, which was produced and distributed by WeGoingIn Records, was premiered locally recently and has been making waves on other major radio stations and social media sites.

“Ever since the song made its way to the Jamaican airwaves, it has gained favour among the most popular weekly events like Uptown Mondays and Fantasy Wednesdays. I am thankful for the support I have been receiving both online and in the streets,” said G Maffiah.

He said that he also noticed that he has a huge following from all over Africa, and as such, the song has been playing on several major radio stations there.

“To hear them singing my song on social media is massive for me. It shows I am putting in work, and I will continue to work harder,” he continued.

With the buzz that the single has been creating, G Maffiah decided that it’s time to shoot the video, which is set to be shot in London and released soon.

G Maffiah will make his way to Jamaica in the coming months for a promotional tour.

“Last summer, I did a tour in Paris in a bid to get my music on the French market, and during that time, I visited several radio stations and performed on several reggae shows,” he said. “I flew back to the UK after summer and continued to perform on major shows. It has been a blessing, and my next stop will be Jamaica. I want to visit and put in more ground work to help cement my name.”

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G Maffiah – The Star Interview

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